COVID Secure measures in 2022

Now that the government has eased the majority of the restrictions business had to impose to ensure they were COVID secure, many companies are continuing some as best practice as protection against illness and infection of all types.

As winter pressures hit and the typical cold and flu season is upon us, it would make sense to continue the steps we are now more than used to adopting to prevent the spread of COVID to help us avoid catching other viruses.

Hand washing and Sanitising

Whilst it is hoped this was best practice prior to the pandemic, it has certainly been reinforced over the last 18 months as a reminder to wash our hands thoroughly and to use hand sanitiser as often as possible.

Sanitising stations and hand washing signage popped up in all sort of places and are now common place in Reception and Communal areas in workplaces especially.  Even with restrictions easing it is likely that these are here to stay and become as regular item in the workplace as the hole punch!

Daily cleaning and touch points

Again most places prior to the pandemic were regularly cleaned and working in a fresh and tidy environment has always been preferred. But due to the pandemic areas that are frequently touched have been highlighted and a focus point of all cleaning schedules.

Continuing this cleaning routine will ensure that the likelihood of any virus being transmitted by touching communal points can only be a benefit to keeping your employees and visitors safe.


Whilst masks in the workplace were never made mandatory (with some exceptions), from our experience this measure is the least likely to be carried on in a workplace setting where you are with regular members of your team and not in a public facing role. Personal preference will need to be accommodated and thought given if visiting locations that do still require a mask to be worn.


From virtual, to limited numbers in large enough rooms and being well ventilated; there have been many control measures introduced to ensure the gathering of people was restricted and if necessary to meet in person, held in the safest way.

Virtual meetings have made life easier for many and are still be chosen as the preferred method to meet if logistically or time wise it is easier. But with face to face meetings on the increase, keeping numbers down, space and ventilation are still top of the agenda when it comes to planning a get together.

Working from Home

Being required to work from home during the pandemic changed the way some businesses operate forever, some had never done it before, some didn’t think it would work and some really embraced the change. Whilst it seems most have welcomed getting back together as a team, it has not been without some element of more flexibility and realising that carrying out some jobs are not restricted to the four walls of the office.

Working from home it seems will be far more common place now than ever before and that is due to the pandemic.

Self-Isolating and COVID testing

With developments in the COVID vaccine and the government rules in relation to self-isolation, businesses will need to continue to ensure they are enforcing the correct steps for preventing the spread of the virus. Knowing the vaccination status of your staff will help you manage your teams effectively and having the flexibility of home working will help operationally.

COVID Documentation

COVID 19 required its own specific risk assessment and became a talking point at all H&S related meetings. With the hope being that COVID 19 reduces and eventually phases out, having an infection control specific risk assessment and practices in place to prevent the spread of viruses continues and prioritises now along with other traditional safety concerns such as physical injury and mental health.